Colonial Experiences and 
Their Legacies in Southeast Asia
An NEH Summer Institute ~ June 10 - July 5, 2019 ~ Honolulu, Hawai‘i ~ Hosted by Asian Studies Development Program

Colonialism Experiences and
Their Legacies in Southeast Asia
                                                                                     An NEH Summer Institute ~ June 10 to July 5, 2019 ~ Honolulu, Hawaii ~ Hosted by Asian Studies Development Program

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Housing and Meals

Lodging.  Lodging for the Institute will be reserved for participants at the East-West Center’s faculty guesthouse, Lincoln Hall. Studio units ($38/night) and limited one-bedroom with kitchen units ($60/night) will be available on a first-come first-serve basis. All of the units in Lincoln Hall include private bath, telephone, cable TV, internet access, refrigerator, and ceiling fans. None of the units are air-conditioned. If you prefer, arrangements can be made for you to stay at the Center’s dormitory facility where single rooms (and shared bathrooms) are available for $17/night or double at $25/night. Children under 18 are permitted only in Lincoln Hall.


Participants are, of course, free to make rental arrangements off campus and our staff will assist with that if desired. But housing in Honolulu, especially near the university, tends to be quite expensive with one-bedroom apartments easily renting for over a thousand dollars per month. And, while the bus system in Honolulu is quite good, staying on campus in close proximity to the meeting rooms and library is not only convenient, it encourages the kind of informal interaction with other participants that often is as important in having a great institute experience as the classroom activities.


Plans should be made to arrive on June 9 and depart on July 6, 2019. Participants are required to attend all institute sessions. We will end with an optional final dinner on the 5th of July, so an evening departure is possible if necessary. Participants wanting to arrive early or extend their stay can do so on a space available basis at Lincoln Hall, or off campus.


Meals. There are a number of food courts and food trucks on the UH campus that cater to students and staff. In addition, meal plans are available for Institute participants who want convenience. But there are many restaurants on and near the campus that are accessible to participants by foot or bus and that offer food from a wide range of cuisines from inexpensive to fine-dining.


Childcare. Although we encourage participants to consider attending the program without family for most of the institute, we know that is not always possible and almost never preferred. With that in mind, we will assist participants seeking childcare if necessary. Child-care is available in summer activities programs run by the City as well as from private preschools in the range of $700/month. Applications should be made as early as possible following acceptance into the seminar, ideally just after being notified of acceptance into the institute.


Local restaurant guide (pdf)


Visitor information. Additional logistical information for East-West Center participants, including transportation, health services, shopping and dining, is available at